How to have your music considered for airplay


1. Since our format is Texas and classic country, music will only be considered if you reside in Texas or one of the surrounding states, ie. New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas or Louisiana. 

2. Must be studio mastered and radio ready mp3's with all metadata including artist name and song title. 

3. Because we play both Texas and classic country, we have room for 60 current singles. I feel you need at least 10 spins per week for the song to be heard and make an impact. If you have a single that is in que to be added to the 60 I will place in recurrent section for at least some spins for charting purposes until a slot opens. 

4. If your single or mp3 is chosen for airplay, I will tag you on Facebook so you know instead of wondering if/when. Your fans will know as well. 

5. I will check out your live Youtube shows. If your performance does not give a true representation of you and your music, the song will not be considered. 

6. Send your mp3's to with the words SONG SUBMISSION in the subject line. Thank you and good luck.